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The Alternative Fuel for the Future

Dimethyl Ether (“DME”) (CH3OCH3) is a non-toxic chemical with a wide range of uses. It is a clean and economical chemical, which can be produced from various resources such as natural gas, coal or biomass through gas synthesis. We rely primarily on coal as a raw material for our Methanol production, and use Methanol as a feedstock for DME production.

At room temperature, DME is a colourless gas that can be easily and safely stored as a liquid in pressurised containers similar to the storage of LPG. DME is believed to be an environmentally-friendly fuel with lower smoke emission rates compared to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (“LPG”) and diesel.

Favourable Characteristics of DME


 Lower smoke emission rates


 Low toxicity and environmentally friendly


 As a blendstock for LPG and as substitute for other fuels
Expanding applications


 Produced from coal or natural gas-derived Methanol and a
   variety of other natural resources

Cost competitive

 Coal-based feedstock which China has abundant supply
 China has the 3rd largest coal reserves in the world

Feasible to utilise existing infrastructure

 Can be transported and stored like LPG
 Minimal modifications to existing fuel systems required