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Quality Assurance And Safety Measures

We employ quality assurance procedures at key production stages, including raw material quality control, production process quality control and production quality control.

Employee and workplace safety is an important aspect of our business. We have in place safety policies, rules and regulations, as well as emergency response and precautionary measures to reduce the risk of chemical-related and production-related accidents.

We also have a safety and security team, and a team of safety enforcement officers who conduct regular work site inspections. Our employees undergo comprehensive training in safety and environmental related matters, while our emergency response team conducts regular safety drills.

The predecessor of our business, Jiutai Chemical, has received various international certifications for its quality assurance programmes and we have adopted the same quality and test standards. The following are the major certifications, test standards and awards our facilities have been issued or awarded as of 30 June 2006:

ISO9001 Quality Management System (valid till Nov 2007)

ISO14001 Environment Management System (valid till Jan 2008)

OHSMS18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System (valid till Jan 2008)