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Formula For Success

Industry market leader with established reputation
The scale of our operations has enabled us to achieve cost and production efficiencies, and ensure a steady supply of DME to meet our customers’ growing demand.

Lower capital expenditure through our patented technology
Our patented DME production technology helps to lower the capital expenditure on expanding our production capacity, as compared to certain other Chinese DME producers.

Experienced management team
Backed by technical and industry knowledge, as well as operating experience, our management team has been the main driver behind our growth since our establishment, and will continue to spearhead our future expansion in the fast growing DME industry.

Access to abundant and readily available supplies of raw materials
As coal is the primary raw material of Methanol production, our Shandong Methanol production facilities are situated close to the coal mining areas of the Shanxi province. This has enabled us to source our coal easily and lower our transportation costs. In line with our expansion plans, we will start relying on Methanol from third party suppliers as feedstock for DME production in the first half of 2007. Methanol is also a readily available commodity in China.